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The Ultimate Magic Submitter Download Guide

For a long time now, creating backlinks to a website has been a tedious and daunting task. But with magic submitter, state of the art backlink software, this is no longer the case. This tool completely automates the process of getting links to your site. In this page, I’ll guide you through magic submitter download process.

Although downloading this backlink software may be straight forward to some of you, it is not as straightforward to some new and unexperienced internet users.

Remember, correctly downloading and installing software is key to its proper functioning. Improperly installed software won’t function correctly.

What to expect in this page:

–       The system requirements for MS to run.

–       The systematic guide to the software download.

–       Getting your MS license.

–       Updating MS.

–       How to cancel your MS subscription.

System Requirements for MS to Run

Before you download magic submitter, your system must meet some requirements. The requirements are for ensuring that software runs properly.

The following are some of the requirements your system ought to meet for the software to install and run properly.

  1. Windows Operating System

Magic submitter is primarily designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment. So, before downloading the software, make sure your computer is running a Windows operating system.

Can I install MS on my Mac – a common question I usually encounter on the internet? The answer to this question is a YES, but you must have a windows emulator installed. An example of windows emulator you can install is Parallels.

You can also install your copy of magic submitter on a virtual private server (VPS). In fact, it is recommended you install it on a VPS if you have many campaigns running and don’t want to leave your laptop running for days.

For a systematic strategy on how to set up MS on VPS, watch this video .

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Magic submitter requires the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.0 to run. The software may install in a computer running a .NET framework 2.0, but it won’t run.

Trying to run the software on a computer that has a .NET Framework version lower than 3.5 will give you an error message.

To download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, visit the following link (This is free software).

For guys who plan to run the software on Windows server 2008, make sure Microsoft .NET Framework is enabled on your server. For more information on this, visit the following link .

  1. Miscellaneous requirements

Other system requirements are:

a)   Substantial RAM – Depending on the number of campaigns you plan to run simultaneously, ensure your system has a substantial amount of RAM.

b)   Fast Internet Connection – To make the backlink process blazing fast, make sure you have fast internet connectivity. Again, this is highly influenced by the number of campaigns you plan to run simultaneously.

Magic Submitter Download Guide

After you’ve made sure your computer meets all the system requirements, it is now time to download this heaven-sent backlink software.

, now (you get to try the backlink tool at $4.95 for the 1st month and $67 each month after).

After landing on the download page, you can watch the overview video, read what the software is capable of doing, watch the testimonial videos, and if you are convinced (which I believe you will), click on the “add to cart” button at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on the “add to cart” button, directs to Clickbank’s or 2CheckOut’s Secure Order Form. That’s right; Clickbank and 2Checkout are the vendors of this software.

On the Secure Order Form, you have the option of either paying with your debit/credit card or in some cases your PayPal account. Personally, I prefer going the PayPal way if it is offered.

Note: Not all countries are authorized to make purchases through Clickbank. If your country is among the non-listed countries on Clickbank and still want to buy Magic submitter, choose APO/FPO as your country.

After you’ve selected your country and filled in your postal code, click on “pay now” button. This will take you to your PayPal account where you complete your purchase.

Note: After completing your payment, you must click on the “Complete your Order” button for Clickbank to deliver you software. The software is delivered in the form of a download link.

You can now download your copy of MS from the link delivered by Clickbank.

Registering Your Copy of the Backlink Software

Registering your copy of MS is a very easy and straightforward task. This is after the software has been downloaded into your PC or laptop.

Before attempting to register MS, first disable your User account control, your IP changing software, your antivirus software and your firewalls.

After disabling the services mentioned above, right-click on the MS icon and select the “Run as Administrator” option. On the registration screen, enter your email / password and click on the “Get License Key” button.

Viola! The heaven sent backlink tool is now registered and ready to get down to all the dirty work of getting you backlinks.

And remember, this software does not create spammy backlinks; it creates high quality and contextual links to your website.

Updating Magic Submitter

MS is one of the top backlink software that keeps developing as the industry develops. In case of any developments, the developers don’t rest until you have updates to keep you ahead of the game.

Any updates released will be displayed when you open the software. The software will try to download the latest version of the database. After the update, it will restart the tool.

If the software does not update automatically if it’s running a scheduled task, instead, click on the system tab and then on the check button. This should update the software’s database.

Canceling Your Magic Submitter Subscription

If, for any reason whatsoever, you feel like canceling your MS subscription perform the cancellation as follows:

–       If you purchased via PayPal, log into your PayPal and cancel.

–       If you purchased via credit card using 2checkout, email customer support department and request cancellation.

–        If you purchased via Clickbank using your credit card, locate your order number. Click on the “Client Support” link and request cancellation.

With the above magic submitter download guide, having your copy of the state of the art software running on your PC should be as easy as ABC.

Remember, you can grab your copy of magic submitter, now! (You get to try the backlink tool at $4.95 for the 1st month and $67 each month after).






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